Food Vendors

We are no longer accepting applications.

Thank you to everyone who applied! We appreciate your interest and wish we could accommodate you all. Remember we have a lot of great festivals in the area. Two of our favorites are: FunFest in Kingsport and Rhythm and Roots in Bristol. Go to their sites to learn more about working with them. Thank you!


Food Court Sponsor

T & J Funnel Cakes Funnel Cakes, soft drinks, water Pavillion
Efes Fine Foods Gyro, Chicken Pita, Sausage, Cheese Steak, Lemonade, Tea, drinks Pavillion
Stanleys Produce Fruit Bowls, fresh baked cookies, banna breads, pumkin roll, fried apple pies, muffin tops Pavillion
Alfs Concessions Kettlecorn, Drinks Pavillion
AC’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy, Italian Ice, Drinks Pavillion
Hugarian Sausage King Hugarian Smoked Sausage, Cheeseburger, fried pototoes,grilled cheese, PB & J, cabbage rolls, Pavillion
Thai Herbs Chicken Teriyaki on a stick, vegpad Thai, fried rice, egg roll Pavillion
International Foods Maryland Crab Cakes, Greek Salads, Seafood, Platter, drinks Pavillion
Kiwanis of Johnson City Pizza Pavillion
Papaw J’s Lemonade lemonade Pavilion
Fizz Soda Bar ice cream, soda Pavilion
Fire Truck Ice Cream Homemade Ice Cream Old Fashion Root Beer Frozen Mt Dew Kids Zone
Mivo Teriyaki House crab rangoor, eggrool, firecracker shrimp Founders Park
Just Write Food Hut Truck Chicken, Ribeye sandwiches Founders Park
Me & K’s Chips-Salsa-Guacamole-wraps Founders Park
Jae’s Smoked Meat Truck brisket, pulled pork, chicken basket, cole slaw, nacho’s, BBQ Sundae, strawberry shortcake, banana pudding Founders Park
Wholey Smokey Waffles Deep Fried, Cheezy, Chocolate,  Waffles Founders Park
Sunshine Sammy’s Ice Cream sandwich Founders Park
Foodie Fiction Food Truck burgers, chicken sandwich, fries, onion strings, mac and cheese, brie-lt, kimchi quesadilla, Korean short ribs Founders Park